Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In Aid of Leni Robredo’s Discernment

The Liberal Party was set to announce Roxas’ running mate and its Senatorial slate tomorrow, September 30, 2015 as I write this column. But reports say that the announcement has been delayed until Monday, October 5th.

I understand that Rep. Leni Robredo is still discerning and praying as she decides whether to accept the offer of President Benigno Aquino III, and the LP Presidential standard bearer Mar Roxas to be the Vice Presidential candidate.

Her concerns that needed discernment include the following: apparent objections from her children; her low poll ratings – meaning winnability; her seeming inadequate qualifications to be VP; and although not being mentioned, insufficient resources to fund an efficient and effective national campaign.

Children’s Objections

Aika who studied Management Engineering at Ateneo University is now 28 years old. She is now gainfully employed. Tricia is 21 and studying at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health. She works at the ABS-CBN and the Jesse Robredo Foundation.  Jillian is 15 and wants to follow the footsteps of Kris Aquino.

I do not think that their objection is because of their mother’s involvement in politics. She already is. Their father has been in it since their childhood. It is really more because, at this time, it is a bigger stage – more challenges, more involvement, more sacrifices, more commitments, more responsibilities.

On the other hand, it also presents certain opportunities made available as they contemplate a career path for the present and the future.

Endowed with love for country and nation, I am certain that they would be willing to share their mother and her God-given talents to the Filipino people at this time of our history. Why? They are their father’s and their mother’s children.

Low Poll Ratings – Winnability

Numbers tell good stories. Surveys are attractive because they are indicators of a candidate’s standing from the electorate at the time they were taken. So they change in time. What really counts are the actual votes delivered on Election Day, or the most reliable survey if ever, would have to be that taken a few days before.

In most cases, the surveys or statistics as a science is very dependent upon the reliability of the numerical data being analyzed. Scientifically chosen, a group of would-be voters numbering less than 2000 were relied upon by both Pulse Asia and SWS. Yet the results, although mere projections or estimates, seem to be accepted by most including the candidates themselves like Rep. Leni Robredo.

In a previous column/blog, I did an analysis of the results of the 2013 Senatorial Elections. The numbers reflected real votes counted and they amounted to millions. In the battle of coalitions, Team PNoy (Daang Matuwid) clobbered VP Binay’s UNA. There were nine (9) winners belonging to Team PNoy while there were only 3 among UNA candidates. 

A deeper analysis of the results in the regions and the bailiwicks of the leaders would give you very interesting results.


The Visayans and the Bicolanos delivered 10 winners for Team PNoy and only 2 UNA. The Mindanao provinces including the Muslims delivered 9-3 while NCR and all the Regions north of it delivered 8 – 4.

The Bicolanos made sure that 7 of the 9 UNA candidates led by Estrada and Enrile would not make it to the Magic 12. The Ilonggos and the Cebuanos also made sure that 7 out of 9 UNA candidates led by Estrada and Enrile would not make the winning 12.  

What this meant was that the Visayans led by Roxas and Drilon delivered to deserve the 2016 Presidential endorsement and the Senate Presidency, respectively.  It also meant that the Bicolanos led by Robredo and LP followers delivered to deserve and reserve the Vice Presidential seat for their region in 2016.


In Makati (Binay’s Bailiwick), Team PNoy had 8 winners while UNA only had 4. In fact, Nancy Binay was only No. 3 and Jack Enrile No. 17. In San Juan (Estrada’s Bailiwick), Team PNoy had 8 winners while UNA 4. JV Ejercito Estrada was only No. 2, Nancy Binay No. 14, and Jack Enrile No. 18. In Cagayan (Enrile’s Bailiwick), the results are the same – Team PNoy 8, UNA 4. But Jack Enrile was No. 1, Nancy Binay No.2, JV E. Estrada, No. 8.

In Tarlac (PNoy’s Bailiwick), Team PNoy had 9 winners, UNA 3. In Iloilo (Drilon’s Bailiwick), Team PNoy had 10 winners, UNA only 2. In Capiz, (Roxas’ Bailiwick), Team PNoy had 11 winners, UNA only 1.

Based on this analysis, there is a desire by the Filipino voters for Daang Matuwid to continue; that a Visayan deserves to be the next President, and someone from Bicol should be Vice President.
Rep. Leni Robredo humbly thinks that she is not ready to occupy a position as high as Vice President. PNoy, Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party, the Yellow Army, groups from the civil society, netizens and many more think otherwise. Not only does she have the legal qualifications including citizenship and residency, she has the academic and professional preparation and work experiences. She is an economist and lawyer. In fact, she was a human rights lawyer providing free legal assistance to the needy. She worked with NGOs in providing assistance to the poor and the hungry. She assisted her late husband Jesse in becoming a very efficient and effective DILG Secretary and as an Award-Winning Mayor of Naga. Within a short period of time, she had a good record of outstanding achievements as a Congresswoman representing Naga.

Most importantly, Leni embodies Humility, Honesty, Honor, and Hope. Supply creates its own demand. Once Leni becomes known for what she is nationally, the demand would be there.

This is the last thing that she should worry about. Running with Mar Roxas and fully supported by PNoy and the Liberal Party and its allies, both will not only have the Message (Daang Matuwid), the Machinery (Precinct level), Manpower (Volunteers and paid employees), and Money, but also competent Management to efficiently and effectively run a winning campaign.

This is in aid of Leni Robredo’s discernment. It comes with ardent, powerful, and most heartfelt prayers.


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  2. First useless un data as relied by the writer,
    Please watch and SHARE mga friends this factual documentary video to educate everyone how we are forced to use again these PCOS machines that cheated election in the Philippines!!

    Pro bbl yan c robredo at gamit lang n puppet. Gamitin ang patay na ikinamatay ay di alam kung kaninong mga kamay.
    Wag magpabobo.
    Tuwad na daan? LP = LINLANG PILIPINAS


    1. The numbers used in my analysis were based on Official election returns published by COMELEC. If you have alternative or as you say the right numbers, please send them to me and I would be open to do a new analysis based on the new verified and true numbers.

      Did the complaint on the PCOS prosper? What is the status now? I think that if you are really convinced that there was fraud in the 2010 and 2013 elections you should pursue it more aggressively even up to the Supreme Court.

      What you are actually saying is that Binay did not really win. Roxas could really be the winner as VP in 2010.

      Thanks for your comments.