Thursday, April 21, 2016


U.S. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders should by now be seeing the signs to end an ambitious revolutionary endeavor. He and his supporters have indeed delivered a revolutionary message that resonated among the young and the dissatisfied.

Former U.S. Senator and State Secretary Hillary Clinton and her vaunted political machine felt Sanders’ strong challenge and realized the need to offer as strong a message, raise as much resources, and galvanize greater human efforts.

In the New York Democratic Presidential primary, Clinton showed the way and defeated Sanders decisively in his own birthplace. In fact, more delegates have been added to Clinton’s total – making it harder, if not impossible, for Sanders to catch up.

This is undoubtedly a difficult task, which was originally a revolutionary
vision converted into ambition, then obsession, resulting in
unintended frustration.

This frustration was displayed in the way Sanders’ camp launched negative attacks against Hillary on television and the like.

First, Sanders' deputy, Jeff Weaver accused Clinton on TV of having “a Pact and a Deal with the Devil” by raising and receiving fees and campaign funds from “Corporate America” and “Wall Street”.

Yet, official records show that his campaign received from PACs and employees of publicly listed companies also known as “Corporate America” like APPLE, MICROSOFT, ALPHANET (Google Group), KAISER PERMANENTE and many others.

In Socialized Medicine or Universal Healthcare, will KAISER play a very important and profitable role under a Sanders administration? What will the IT companies do in an ambitious CYBER SECURITY Program under Sanders?

Second, Sanders accused Clinton as “unqualified” to be President. Yet, Clinton is known domestically and internationally as the most experienced and most qualified Presidential candidate in U.S. history.

This was in response to a “false claim” by the Washington Post that Sanders was “unqualified”. In parliamentary parlance, Sanders was “guilty of a deliberate attempt to commit a terminological inexactitude”. Winston Churchill meant this statement to signify “liar”.
Third, Sanders falsely accused famous actor/activist George Clooney, Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee of raising hundreds of thousands dollars solely benefiting Clinton’s campaign at his expense.

However, the reality is the funds were raised to benefit other
Democratic Congressional (Senator, Congressmen) candidates to help the
Democrats regain control of Congress. It also turned out that Sanders signed a similar agreement with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). I see no “PACT with the Devil” on this one.

Fourth, Sanders prides himself in raising his campaign funds directly from small individual contributors giving an average of $27 each. I have been hearing the same amount for 3 months now. While Sanders should deserve some praise for such a feat, he should not forget that according to the records, $45,497,620 of his funds came from large individual contributors.
While Sanders was also giving the impression that his campaign has been receiving a lot of money from his contributors (small and large individuals), the records also show that while in the last report,Sanders raised a total of $138,095,654, Clinton, without fanfareraised a total of $145,412,945. Another relevant data, which was reported and should be known by our readers, is the fact that Clinton
received $28,585,959 from over a million small individual contributors that included me.

The Cash on Hand of Sanders’ Campaign is $17,211,636 while that of Clinton is $74,856,700. While sourcing its funds from small individual contributors, the Sanders campaign certainly spent them as fast. 

Yet,Clinton who has accumulated more delegates to date, is showing more Cash on Hand.
Clinton shares many of Sanders’ ideas. In fact, for practical
purposes, these ideas could be implemented phase by phase under a Clinton administration.

For the country, for the Democratic Party, for Clinton, Sanders and the American people, it might be time for all Democrats to unite!