Thursday, September 10, 2015

DUTERTE: Dynamic, Daring, Decisive, Dutiful and Devoted Dad of Davao

My Bedan classmate Mayor Rod Duterte just announced his final decision not to run for President of the Philippines.

It is unfortunate because his withdrawal means the Filipino people are denied an alternative vision for the country’s future as reflected by Rod’s unwavering commitment to institute radical changes in our society. A great number of Filipinos like and love what he did in Davao City and even more want him to lead the nation. Hence, the clamor for him to run for President.

For the radical changes to take effect, he thinks that a Revolutionary Government should be set-up. The truth is, he does not have to run for President to establish what he wishes. If the next administration messes up, be it corrupt or “Daang Baluktot”, Rod could galvanize his more than 3 million followers who signed the petition clamoring for him to run for President. He has a greater and stronger base than Aguinaldo when the latter set up a revolutionary government in 1898. The number of people during the 1986 EDSA revolution was less when Cory Aquino established a revolutionary government. Let it be a warning to these ambitious presidential candidates!

In order to enforce the laws efficiently, effectively, aggressively, and honestly, he had indicated that if he becomes President he would appoint fellow Bedan Vitaliano Aguirre as Secretary of Justice. The latter is the topnotch private prosecutor who covered his ears and defied Senator Miriam Santiago during the impeachment trial of CJ Corona. He is also the Class Valedictorian of San Beda Law Class 71 that included two of the current Supreme Court Justices.

The truth is, he does not have to run for President to get Aguirre appointed as Secretary of Justice. I suggest that in exchange for Rod to support PNoy’s choice (Roxas who is from the South), he should ask that Aguirre replace de Lima (also a Bedan) as DOJ Secretary when she resigns and runs for the Senate. This includes a commitment that Roxas reappoints Aguirre when the former wins. This guarantees continuity coupled with brilliance and incorruptibility.

He also expressed the view that he could cause the death of as many as 100,000 criminals if he becomes President. Admittedly, he actually does not want to kill people.

Of course, we know that one does not have to be President to cause the killing of criminals. Vigilantes and death squads have done it in some urban areas.

Mayor Duterte had already said publicly that he would not endorse VP Binay. I do not believe that he would allow an inexperienced public servant like Grace Poe to run the country with all its problems.

I join others in praying that Mayor Duterte continues to serve the country in some other ways and that God blesses him with greater health, discernment, and wisdom as he provides the Filipino people an alternative vision.

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