Wednesday, October 7, 2015


My last week’s column/blog entitled, “In Aid of Leni Robredo’s Discernment”, tackled each of the concerns of the Congresswoman.

To my surprise, the article generated the second largest readership in the history of my blog per Google BlogSpot’s counter.

One major concern discussed was her low poll ratings or her winnability as indicated in the Pulse Asia and SWS surveys which seem to be accepted as a good indicator of one candidate’s favorability or approval by the voters. This is despite the fact that the numerical data relied upon is not that many (a sampling less than 2000) but scientifically chosen.

I discussed my analysis using the 2013 Official election returns published by the COMELEC. At least in this case, the numerical data used is composed of real number of voters who actually voted and counted as well as amounting to millions.

Based on the analysis, I concluded: “What this meant was that the Visayans led by Roxas and Drilon delivered to deserve the 2016 Presidential endorsement and the Senate Presidency, respectively.  It also meant that the Bicolanos led by Robredo and LP followers delivered to deserve and reserve the Vice Presidential seat for their region in 2016.”

I further opined, “Based on this analysis, there is a desire by the Filipino voters for Daang Matuwid to continue.”

Leni Robredo eventually decided to accept the offer to be Mar Roxas’ VP candidate. I witnessed her proclamation at the Club Filipino via Live Stream. I am uncertain whether my column/blog contributed to her positive response but I am certain that my prayers and those of the readers’ did.

In the Presidential race, it is now shaping up to be a battle between and among Mar Roxas, Grace Poe, Jojo Binay, and probably, Rody Duterte.

In the Vice Presidential race, it looks like it will be a competition among: Leni Robredo, Chiz Escudero, Gringo Honasan, Antonio Trillanes, Alan Cayetano, and Bongbong Marcos.

Mar Roxas is from the Visayas region (Capiz and Negros Occidental). Grace Poe is also from the Visayas and USA (Iloilo and Fairfax, Va.). Jojo Binay is from Metro Manila (Makati), and Rody Duterte is from Mindanao (Davao) but his roots are from the Visayas (Southern Leyte and Cebu).

The above-mentioned analysis says that the next President should come from the Visayas. Well, the probability of that happening is very high considering that Roxas, Poe, and even Rody could claim their roots from the Visayas.

The same analysis says that the next Vice President should come from Bicol. Guess what? Robredo, Escudero, Honasan, and Trillanes all come from Bicol. In fact, the wife of Cayetano also come from Bicol. Again, the probability that the next Vice President would come from Bicol is also very high.

The most important part of the analysis is that there is a desire by the Filipino voters to continue the Daang Matuwid principles and programs as espoused by the PNoy Administration.

How would this continuance be guaranteed? That the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates should be those who, according to PNoy, would be in the best position to do it. And they are Mar Roxas for President, and Leni Robredo for Vice President.

Mar Roxas is from the Visayas and anointed by PNoy as Daang Matuwid’s and LP’s standard bearer. Leni Robredo is from Bicol and is also chosen and committed to pursue and implement the Daang Matuwid programs.

For Daang Matuwid to continue as desired by the Filipino voters, Roxas and Robredo must be elected President and Vice President, respectively.

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