Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Welcome Remarks & Words of Wisdom at a Wedding (WWWW)
(Delivered at the Traci Maynigo-Jason Myles Goss Wedding, May 26, 2013)

Good evening. On this day of unforgettable memories I stand before you as the Father of the Bride.

My name is Ben Maynigo.  In America, I have been called many names.  My Black American friends call me Ben MyNegro.  My Hispanic American friends call me Ben MiAmigo.  My American Indian friends who love to eat wild rice call me Uncle Ben.  And my Asian friends who are trying very hard to learn Italian keep insisting on greeting me BenGiorno in the morning and Ben a Sera at night!  They obviously need more lessons!

WWWW:  Welcome remarks and words of wisdom at this wedding. This is my role tonight.

On behalf of my wonderful wife, Tina, equally wonderful parents of Jason, Bob and Debbie Goss, and of course, the newly-weds Traci and Jason, let me welcome all of you to what I call the 8 Ps.

P no. 1 being Party – I welcome you to a celebration of fun, food and entertainment.

P no. 2 being Planning – I welcome you to an efficiently and effectively planned party resulting from one of the longest engagements I have ever known.

P nos. 3, 4 and 5 being Power Point Presentation - I also welcome you to a party that is so well planned that Traci and Jason through a Power Point Presentation outlined online the proposed activities and budget for the entire wedding to us parents.  I was so impressed that immediately after the presentation, I said, “Approved” - the way I used to do it as CEO of a small company in the Philippines.  Of course, Traci knew that in our household, I never had the approving authority.  You know, being only the Vice-President and Assistant Treasurer at home. But that was how impressive the presentation was.

This reminds me of how Traci convinced us to buy her a car in her senior year in high school.  She made a presentation both oral and in writing citing the reasons and arguments why.  We did buy her a used Volvo, which she even brought to Yale later in her college years.

Indeed, as efficiently planned as this wedding party has been, I am sure that you will celebrate with us not just for the fun.

About two months ago we attended the wedding of my niece, Claudia Denton Rockwood.  She and Greg are here today.  I described it as a marriage or union of two majors - two U.S. Air Force Majors. Today, we are also celebrating the marriage of two majors, two English majors - Jason and Traci, who have combined the unique talents of what I call P no. 6 and P no. 7 – namely, Prose and Poetry. Prose for Traci’s excellent and well-written essays and inspiring books; Poetry for Jason’s beautiful music and the poetic passages in the lyrics of his songs.

Traci is also an extra-ordinary and unique academician not only because she is the only one in my family who went to Yale, but also because she obtained more Masters degrees than her mother and me.  I am sure that very soon she will also be Dr. Pacita Manglapus Maynigo Goss.

Most importantly, tonight we are celebrating and witnessing a lifetime consortium or a Permanent union.

Earlier this year, my wife and I celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  A Facebook friend once asked me what our secret was.  I said, it’s quite simple.  We mastered the art of compromise.  Example: You live in New York and you plan to go out at night.  Your wife wants to watch a Broadway play while you want to watch the New York Knicks play.  Both are allowed to present his or her side convincingly and passionately.  Then, you come up with a compromise – well, in this particular case, the compromise is: watch a Broadway Play.  Simple, indeed!

Yes, Permanent union – this is the 8th and last P.  It means a union that is lasting, enduring, everlasting and forever.

Why 8?  In our culture, 8 is an infinitesimal number.  If you trace the number without lifting your pencil, pen or any tracer onward continuously, it will remain an 8 indefinitely.  So will the marriage and love of Jason and Traci.  ENDLESS! TIMELESS!

For this I say to both Traci and Jason:  May the 8 and Ps be with you always. And may you cherish this permanent partnership and endless love today, as you did yesterday; that you may cherish it tomorrow, as you shall forever!

Love you!

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