Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PNoy: Now and the Future as a Socio- Political Force

On May 7, 2010, I wrote this as part of my article endorsing Noynoy Aquino for President:

“On the reforms needed to satisfy the E-Generation, he has a built-in Platform of Government. It is a product of the People Power revolution, written by wise men personally chosen by CORY, and approved, ratified and therefore, co-owned by the Filipino people. It is clear, brief and concise. It is executable, enforceable, mandatory and supreme. It is backed by implementing statutes, adhering legislation, accompanying executive orders, regulations and jurisprudence. It is protected and defended by the Armed Forces and police agencies as well as adhered to by every executive, legislative and judicial officer. It is the CORY CONSTITUTION. Others are encouraged to adopt it too but at this point of our history, the best person trusted to execute, enforce, obey, protect and defend it, is CORY’s son, NOYNOY.”

About three years after his election as President, PNoy has made CORY and NINOY proud. He has proven to the Filipino people that he is indeed the best person who could be trusted to execute, enforce, obey, protect and defend the CORY Constitution.

In fact, he even resisted suggestions and efforts to amend it. He is quite convinced that the current CORY Constitution when enforced by honest, humble, honorable and hopeful men and women, the desired social, political, and economic reforms can be achieved.

He started with a good Executive team possessed with similar traits and commitment. He was handed a not so desirable Supreme Court Chief Justice and an unacceptable Ombudsman to help institute judicial reforms and to start eradicating the evils of government corruption, respectively. Using the processes provided by the CORY Constitution he managed to get them ousted and replaced them with women of proven moral integrity who are as committed to good governance and transparency – SC Chief Justice Sereno and Ombudsman Carpio-Morales. The Filipino people are now assured that judicial reforms would come even if it would take a whole generation, which is virtually the tenure of CJ Sereno. As Chief Executive of the Judicial System she is expected to hasten the reforms.

Like CORY in 1987 PNoy is also facing the first elections under his Presidency. In an earlier column/blog, I wrote that history would repeat itself but with some differences. While, in 1987, it was CORY’s Choices all the way, it is going to be PNoy’s Choices in 2013 too. However, I was hoping that, while during CORY’s time, presidential ambitions of some of the Senatorial candidates caused discord and “junking”, such behavior would not happen in the coming elections.

The news in the last few days is beginning to prove me wrong in so far as the discord due to presidential ambitions is concerned. The battle for No. 1 is heating up. Alan Peter Cayetano’s desire to dislodge Loren Legarda as No. 1 is causing this discord. I understand that PNoy is trying to patch things up between the two camps, hoping for a unified victory for Team PNoy.

History of presidential politics shows that, except for Ferdinand Marcos, topping the Senatorial elections is no guaranteed path to presidency. Showing bad election results for Legarda in Taguig City would prove Cayetano’s suspected motives. A good one would endear him to PNoy and the public.

Some political analysts have indicated that voters should and would vote for Senators depending on who they want to be President in 2016 and which bloc they want to control the Senate and other related Congressional bodies.

Since Vice President Binay has already declared his presidential intentions and formed an alliance or bloc with former President Erap Estrada and Senate President Enrile, analysts think that the coming elections would determine his fate in 2016. In short, Binay is at the center stage.

The assumption is that PNoy, who will have served one half of his term after the elections, would be considered a lame duck. Binay is trumpeted as the likely successor in 2016 and local leaders must therefore support his choices now.

I have a different take. So does my barber. First, this election is more about PNoy, his message, and his record of performance. Second, it is about the present conditions under his leadership, his Team PNoy, the state of the Philippine economy, the current resources made available to local governments, the residents, organizational strength, and resources for local leaders. Most importantly, it is about the immediate and the mediate future - the next President, the future bureaucracy, a new generation of national leaders and local leaders, and the hopes and dreams of the current and the coming generation of Filipinos.

On the immediate future, regardless of what happens to the elections, PNoy will still be President for another three years. That is very long time for somebody with tremendous powers who could influence and even determine the fate of most ambitious national and local politicians.

The late Jesse Robredo and his successor at the Department of Interior and Local Governments (DILG) Mar Roxas built a network through efficient and effective recruitment, training, and maintenance of local leaders.  This network will be the vehicle for PNoy’s future endeavors. 

These endeavors include the 2016 Presidential campaign and the processes that the CORY Constitution bestowed upon him not just as President but also as a leader of the sovereign people even beyond his term.

CORY’s influence was felt even after her term. So it will be for PNoy except that he will back it with unassailable achievements, a well-oiled organizational machine supported by his mother’s Yellow Ribbon Movement and ample resources coming from financiers who appreciate his leadership.

PNoy will lead a socio-political force that would bring to life People Power provisions like the People’s Initiative, Recall, and Referendum. This force would seek the Recall of local officials who betrayed the movement’s causes. It would seek the passage of enabling laws for provisions mandated by the Constitution but the regular Congress would not pass because of conflict of interest through People’s Initiative. It would push for the amendment or repeal of laws that are inimical to the interest of the Filipino people.

The same force will fully support the continuing S.A.L.N. Revolution in order to cleanse the government bureaucracy, the courts, the military, and other bodies.

For that kind of PNoy-led socio-political force, I fully endorse and wholeheartedly embrace.

Who says PNoy would be a lame duck President? You better watch out!

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