Monday, May 17, 2010


Today is the 40 Year Anniversary of my first cousin, Father Victor Arenas Maynigo, as a priest. He has been the spiritual leader of our family also for that many years. Handsome and brilliant, he studied as a scholar in Rome and in the United States. A former Rector of two seminaries, he is one of only two Filipino priests remaining as such among 20 who came to the US. He is now a Parish priest in Staten Island, New York after serving also as one in Palo Alto, California for a few years.

He officiated in my one and only wedding, that of my youngest sister, my eldest daughter and many more nieces and nephews. He redefined the role of religion in everyone’s life making it paramount, more significant and most meaningful. His prayers extended the lives of immediate relatives who eventually died of cancerous and incurable sickness in almost miraculous fashion. Indeed preparing them to smoothly reach the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

Let me put things on a proper perspective vis a vis the 40 Year Anniversary. He followed my only brother and a nephew to the seminary. My handsome brother couldn't resist beautiful women so although initially called, he was not chosen. But late nephew Father Cornelio Casanova (grandson of my father's eldest sister) and also good looking did not live up to his last name, so .he was chosen. Father Vic was followed by many more to the seminary because we were all encouraged by our parents. I said, "pass" fully aware of the vows of poverty and celibacy. I thought poverty I could withstand, but celibacy? Sila na lang. Nobody else made it after Father Vic but they all ended up great fathers to great children and wonderful husbands to wonderful wives. Although many tried to emulate Tiger in golf, somehow nobody dared or couldn't replicate Tiger's skills in other fields.

Jesus Christ was tested for 40 days. I assume the resistance to temptation lasted not just the rest of the year but until his Crucifixion in his early thirties.

Being a priest the likes of Father Vic for 40 YEARS and counting is something else. Amazing, indeed! In the Maynigo family like in the NBA, "amazing things happen".

May he continue to be healthy and strong so he could continuously guide spiritually not just the current generation in our family but the next one who are all coming fast.

Congratulations and thank you to Father Vic!!!


Christina Arizpuro – wife of Dean Maynigo Torres:
Congratulations Father Vic! Father Vic presided over our wedding 10 years ago.

Rochelle Maynigo Barbiran:
We are so blessed to have Our beloved Uncle Vic in our family who has officiated all our weddings, baptisms & funerals . Through the generations, he has been a constant source of support & encouragement . We have & will always be proud of our uncle. Congratulations!!

Homer Rabara:
Jamie and I had the honor of having Father Vic conduct our marriage in Edmonton, AB, Canada on August 22, 2009. Congratulations Father, can't wait to see you at the reunion next year!

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