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“You downloaded his campaign materials for printing and distribution; you wrote the lyrics for his campaign Jingle; you got your Yalie published author daughter and her singer/writer/composer boy friend come down from New York to sing the Jingle; you created two video versions for uploading in You Tube, Facebook, Twitter ; and Motion Box; you ordered customized fortune cookies predicting luck and fortune for his supporters; you have emailed friends, relatives and associates worldwide to vote and campaign for him; you continue to make telephone calls on his behalf; you know that in the survey he is not in the top 12; and yet, you DO NOT KNOW General Lim personally, and have not even met him. WHY?” A lawyer friend asked in echoing the wonderment of my barber.

I usually give two quick answers, “PARA SA BAYAN (For the Country) “ and “Just helping level the playing field”


Under Section 3 of Article II of the Philippine Constitution, it provides, “Civilian authority is, at all times, supreme over the military. The Armed Forces of the Philippines is the protector of the people and the State.”

Section 1 of Article II defines what the Philippines as a State is, “The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.”

The civilian population are the ultimate sovereign rulers. By their sovereign power, they entrusted and hired the Armed Forces to protect them –their lives, liberty and property. In the exercise of the same power, they issue “special powers of attorney” to certain individuals to perform Executive, Legislative and Judicial functions at specified regular periods at their own “free will” through free, fair and democratic elections.

Like any other special power of attorney, the delegated powers could be changed or even totally withdrawn. All these delegated powers are enshrined in the Constitution. The Armed Forces is entrusted to guarantee the enforcement of that sovereign will and power. If the civilian rulers holding the special powers of attorney abuse or misuse them, a democratic judicial process is also provided for. But if such abuses could not be curbed under normal conditions and the sovereign will of the people are clearly subverted, the military may in their name, WITHDRAW its support.

General Danny Lim is a native of Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. He is a fellow Ilocano, NATARAKE (An Officer & a Gentleman); NALAING ken NASIRIB (Intelligent & Wise); NATURED (Brave) and much more.

He is one of those rare breed of scholar soldiers educated in the University of the Philippines, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and the United States West Point. Brilliant in Math and Sciences and a graduate in Engineering, the Philippines was lucky to have had a well-prepared idealistic officer the likes of, if not better than West Point alumni President Fidel Ramos, General Rafael Ileto, and General Douglas MacArthur. After graduating from West Point, his first assignment was in Mindanao where he was wounded in combat twice in Sulu. His division commander Brig. Gen. Emilio Luga, Jr. once described him as “the bravest lieutenant he has ever met.” Much respected in the military service for his idealism, integrity, expertise, bravery and incorruptibility, his involvement in anti-insurgency, anti-terrorism, and anti-secessionist operations are well-documented.

I did not and do not have to meet personally General Danny Lim to vote and campaign for him. So, should all the millions of Filipino voters who believe in freedom, democracy, justice, and gratitude to one who helped protect our liberties. Like me, just read what my friend columnist Julius Fortuna wrote, “He is probably the most credible military officer today.” Or how Ding Lichauco in a newspaper article described him, “one of the military figures today that so powerfully represents the face of integrity and valor expected of the Nation’s soldier. Danny Lim represents moral rectitude in the Armed Forces.”

General Lim understands the responsibility and the spirit by which the Armed Forces has been entrusted by the Constitution. He saw corruption, abuses and most importantly, witnessed the will and voice of the sovereign people trampled upon by an illegitimate civilian ruler with the help of fellow officers who lost sight of “duty, honor, and country.”
Soldiers whose votes have been tampered with asked General Lim to lead them and convince other officers to join with the Filipino people in withdrawing their support to an illegally installed President. Unfortunately, for more than 30 pieces of silver and lucrative positions, some corrupt officers decided to betray the very people they are sworn to defend and protect. General Lim “saw wrong and tried to right it.” The rest is history.

Borrowing from the Jingle that I wrote:
Beinte Otso Lim Sa Senado
Tanggol Tayo Kapag Panalo
Kalayaan at Katarungan
Katotohanan Maaasahan

Or from the fortune cookie message:
PARA SA BAYAN Si Lim Kailangan
#28 Huwag Kalimutan


- General Lim is detained as a political prisoner
- He is unable to campaign and reach out to people to express his views and proposed programs
- He has limited funds and is prevented from effectively raising campaign financing
- He has limited exposure to Philippine media. In fact, the Ampatuans of the Maguindanao Massacre have more access to the media
- He has to rely on Social Networks, electronic media and campaign efforts by friends, relatives and supporters.

Here is a guy who defended our freedom. Yet, we seem to be helpless freeing him. I am doing my part in helping level the playing field. I did what I did with no strings attached and would gladly do it again. Making him Senator is not enough. He has to be freed.

I am also voting for NOYNOY AQUINO as President. I have several reasons for doing so and will discuss it in my next blog. One major reason is, I expect AQUINO TO FREE GENERAL LIM.


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