Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders’ Revolution: No BS?

Bernie Sanders was registered as an Independent all his political life – as a Mayor, Congressman, and Senator.

YET, he wants to be the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee. That would be revolutionary!
Bernie Sanders says he “takes no money from corporations and therefore, not on the take.” Spike Lee in a Radio Ad endorsing Sanders echoes this.

YET, election records show that the PACs or Hybrid PACs of some multibillion-dollar corporations traded on Wall Street are large financial contributors and are working on his behalf. Examples are APPLE Inc., ALPHABET Inc., Microsoft Inc., IBM Corp, EMC Corp, FACEBOOK, Kaiser Permanente, INTEL Corp, etc.
Bernie Sanders criticizes Hillary Clinton that by receiving contributions from Corporate America and Wall Street she would be beholden to them. He accuses her of possibly protecting her donors’ interests and chosen advocacies.

YET, as a self-described Democratic Socialist, Sanders’ alleged Revolution is centered on more government involvement in Education, Healthcare, IT- Cybersecurity, Military Reform, etc. Some corporate contributors to Sanders show the following donations:
1. University of California                                           $33,598
2. University of Illinois                                                $14,780
3. Columbia University                                               $12,293
4. Rutgers University                                                  $11,803
5. Stanford University                                                 $ 9,914
6. University of Michigan                                            $ 9,750
7. New York University                                               $ 9,650
1. Kaiser Permanente                                                 $15,514
IT – Cybersecurity
1. Alphabet, Inc. (Google group of companies)        $98,810 
2. Microsoft Corp                                                        $31,148
3. Apple Inc.                                                                $28,442
4.                                                           $18,846
5. IBM Corp                                                                 $12,293
6. Intel Corp                                                                $11,009
7. EMC Corp                                                               $10,310
8. Facebook                                                               $  9,857
1. US Navy                                                                  $15,595
2. US Postal Service                                                   $11,126
3. US Air Force                                                           $10,369

Does this mean that these contributors would be protected or would have a voice or influence under a Sanders presidency?
Bernie Sanders proposes Socialized Education and Socialized Medicine. This would entail tremendous budget allocation contributing to a much larger deficit.

YET, it is next to impossible for Sanders to get these done. Congress, which is currently controlled by the Republicans, would never accede to them. Promising impractical solutions at this time would only lead to frustration that could have unintended consequences worse than a real Revolution.
Bernie Sanders claims that Clinton’s contributors come mostly from Corporate America and Wall Street as he touts his sources of funds mostly come from individual contributions.

YET, election records show that Clinton raised $108,931,114 from individual contributions while Sanders raised $73,480,185 from individual contributions. In fact, Clinton’s contributors number at least 750,000 small contributors. Sanders raised $19,406,175 from large individual contributions. (As of January 31, 2016)

Bernie Sanders accuses Clinton of copying his revolutionary message.

YET, his advocacy of Democratic Socialism with Socialized Medicine and Socialized Education as banners is actually copied from some countries in Europe like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc.


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