Monday, July 26, 2010


Point of Order Jose L. Guevara Manila Bulletin

Raul S. Manglapus of the Ateneo was the big idol of the youth before the war. People wanted to be like him more than they wanted to be like Leon Ma. Guerrero, himself in a pre-war idol.

The admiration for Raul went even farther than our youth. We idolized him during the war and after the war.

We idolized him for his guerilla exploits, his sacred attempts to be prez of the Philippines, his senatorial aspirations and his heading the Foreign Affairs Dep’t.

We read his superb reporting as a journalist for a liberation newspaper.

But the youth of the land really wanted to be like him, a silver-tongued orator and a song-writer whose songs catapulted a fellow pro-American like him to the prez of the land. Who’ll forget Mambo Magsaysay?

Even now his fame as a song-writer has not faded with his 2 songs advertising CAP which sound like very good music to TV viewers.

On the eve of his retirement from public service, to which he has dedicated his life a number of years, he said it’s about time he made some money serving the private sector.

I hope he did with several private companies availing of his services as board chairman or director.

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