Monday, July 26, 2010


By Leandro V. Coronel – Commentary

Philippine Daily Inquirer – Opinion August 18, 1999

Talking about Manglapus, most of the written tributes to him simply repeated the litany of attributes in his obituary. And in one such tribute, he was depicted as having shiveled because of his illness. I was privileged to see him a few weeks before he died, and he looked well considering what he had gone through.

More than the loss of an obviously multifaceted man, Manglapus’ demise further accentuates and passing of a generation of politicians who honored their fellow Filipinos by gracing the falls of government and enhancing the glory of the august positions they occupied. Long gone are Manglapus’ contemporaries such as Lorenzo Tanada, Jose Diokno, Francisco Rodrigo, Lorenzo Sumulong, Diosdado Macapagal and yes, Ferdinand Marcos. What do we have today, who do we have today, debating the searing issues of our time.

More than the multiple talents of Manglapus, I appreciated his decency. When we were both living in the United States, I once praised him for being a decent politician, instead of basking in the glory of that remark, he replied: "Oh, there are many other decent Filipino politicians." Manglapus and I shared common stand on many political issues. But more than a comrade-in-politics, I consider Raul, his wife Pacing and his children (especially Bobby, my tennis partner) as family friends. I miss him already.

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