Friday, March 6, 2015

SEE (SAF, Economy, EDSA) the Wisdom in Numbers

Much has been said about the clash between the PNP’s SAF and the Muslim rebels in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Mostly getting the attention are the numbers revealed to tell the stories.

What the press plays is that 44 SAF policemen were “massacred”. Yet, upon discernment, they really fought valiantly. That is why they were hailed as heroes and awarded medals of valor and bravery. They did not die in vain. To say otherwise would be an insult to their beings and to their souls.

The SAF commandos were sent to Mamasapano, Maguindanao with the following mission:

1.                    Execute a Court Order;
2.                    Obey an Executive/Superior’s Order;
3.                    Enforce a Warrant of Arrest;
4.                    Fulfill a Secret Police Mission;
5.                    Render Justice – for the murder, frustrated and attempted murders         committed against several human beings
6.                    Stop the training of terrorists in bomb making;
7.                    Prevent the killing of hundreds if not thousands of Filipinos and other     nationalities worldwide; and
8.                    Participate in the global war against terrorism with Presidential blessing.

Of the 8, they accomplished 7 and ¾ or 97%. Terrorist Marwan who carries in his head a reward of $6 million was killed while Usman whose capture would have netted $2 million was wounded but he escaped. (6/6+2 = ¾)

By enlightened discernment, the killing of Marwan rendered justice to the victims of his atrocities which include murder, frustrated murder, and attempted murder. By taking him out, hundreds if not thousands more would no longer be killed by his bombs or by those trained by him to make bombs.

We are now finding out that there were 392 SAF commandos who participated in this mission. They were divided into groups. According to DILG Mar Roxas, the 348 SAF who survived including the 12 wounded returned and were all accounted for.

Initial reports from the Board of Inquiry (BOI) reveal that there were actually 800 Muslim rebels who joined the prey. According to the SAF Commander General Napeñas as reported by his men, they actually killed 250 Muslim rebels – not just 18 rebels. While there could be a body count with respect to the SAF commandos, the bodies of the rebels were stashed away by their comrades or relatives who are from Mamasapano.

Clash survivors Supt Raymond Train and PO2 Christopher Lalan made the following claims:

1.             Lalan: SAF troopers took down at least 11 Muslim rebels from his  company; 
2.             Train was able to shoot down between 25 to 30 attackers;
3.             Train: “It is also safe to say that the entire Assault Force, the 84th Company was able to shoot down at least 150 of the enemies.
4.             The 84th and 55th Company that took part in Oplan Exodus has two and six snipers, respectively, under their helm. For sure, these highly trained snipers could have shot down on the average of at least 20 each from the attackers.

Forty-four (44) out of 392 or about 11% of SAF Policemen died.  That does not look like a “massacre” to my barber. Two hundred and fifty (250) out of 800 or about 31% of the Muslim rebels were killed. That does not look like a victory either.

EDSA Numbers

PNoy haters and naysayers are taking advantage of this tragic event to demand his resignation.

Again, there is wisdom in the numbers and they are very telling.

Five (5) out of 131 or 4% of Bishops demand that PNoy resign. One hundred Twenty and Six (126) out of 131 or 96% of the Bishops led by Cardinal Tagle and CBCP President Archbishop Villegas refuse to support the demand.

The Anti-PNoy group tried to do an EDSA a la 1986 People Power. The EDSA 1986 generated at least 1.6 million participants to oust Marcos. The EDSA 2015 generated 600 demonstrators to oust PNoy. There were more policemen to keep things in order.

Economic Numbers

AYEs Have It! This is what I put in my status update on FACEBOOK every time I see or read something positive about the Philippines especially if it is economic in nature. Reading the news items reflect economic numbers:

1.            PH is world’s 2nd fastest growing economy in 2015 – Bloomberg
2.            World Bank hails Philippines as next Asia “miracle”. No more the sick               man of Asia;
3.             PH seen posting trade surplus in 2015; first time in two decades;
4.             January inflation slows down to 2.4%;
5.             IMF Chief lauds PH: It is the only nation upgraded. (Economic growth forecast);
6.             Moody’s upgrades PH credit rating to BAA2 or 2 notches above “junk”;
7.             Canada names PH country of focus for country’s actions for inclusive and sustainable growth;
8.             The Philippines has the most favorable growth rate in Southeast Asia in the next 5 years – OECD;
9.             PH to manufacture APPLE products, transfer from China;
10.          Good News for PH, Bad News for India. Call Centers are                                                   transferring from India to the Philippines.
11.          PH economy to grow as one of the world’s fastest in 2014 –                                             Moody’s Analytics;
12.          Growth of Tourism, Foreign Investments, Domestic Investments                                     and strong stance against Corruption by PNoy – CNN interview                                      with Lance Gokongwei – President & CEO of J Summit Holdings.
13.          Peace Deal to boost PH Credit rating – Moody’s investors Service;
14.          PH economy to double in next decade: think tank;
15.          JP Morgan hikes PH economic growth forecast;


The Peace Deal with the MILF boosted our country’s credit rating according to Moody’s Investors Service. The only roadblock to the country’s economic growth is the violence in Mindanao according to Forbes Magazine.

Let peace prevail in Muslim Mindanao. Localize governance. Localize policing. Let there be Rule of law – not by, of, and from the barrel of the gun; not by bullet but by ballot. Localize the administration of justice. Let there be a judicial system that respects and protects the civil rights of the Bangsamoro citizens.

Let there be a law that gives our brother Muslims real and effective local governance that is not inconsistent with the Philippine Constitution.

Pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

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