Monday, June 2, 2014

The Convergence of Science and Faith

People from all walks of life experience the universally accepted stages of mourning and grief. I am no exception.
These stages as discussed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book “Death and Dying” are: 1) Isolation or Denial; 2) Anger; 3) Bargaining; 4) Depression; and 5) Acceptance.  They are not necessarily in that order and there is no time limit per stage.
While I know that I went through the process subconsciously in previous mournings (death of father, mother, and four other siblings), I am more conscious in experiencing the process in this last one although with varying degrees and times per stage.
Worth mentioning was my approach to the stage of “Bargaining” when my sister Perla who died of cancer and most recently, my sister Mila who died of Brain Aneurysm.  In both cases, while experiencing isolation, anger and bouts of depression due to human limitations and feeling of helplessness, I found hope however light somewhere prior to eventual acceptance.
I always knew that statistically, Manang Perla’s lung cancer was almost impossible to cure.  I did not know much about brain aneurysm. I did make a thorough research finding the attached image summarizing the significant information. As you can see, high blood pressure, which is genetically prevalent among the Maynigo Clan is one of the major causes.
In my various experiences and academic background, LAW was dominant. Feeling helpless, I decided to make use of it for “bargaining”.
I thought of filing a petition for Divine Intervention before the Supreme Divine Court of Justice. It contained a Prayer asking for a "miracle” in the case of Manang Perla’s lung cancer and Mila’s brain aneurysm.
I cited precedents and Divine jurisprudence enumerating all the many cases of “miracles” performed directly by God through His Son Jesus, and indirectly through all the Apostles and Saints. Included are cases not just reversing incurable diseases but also some even rising from death.
Two of God’s important agents who were called and chosen belonged to the Maynigo Clan. One is already in heaven – the late Fr. Cornelio Casanova. The second is still on earth – Fr. Victor Arenas Maynigo who is currently acting as the Clan’s Spiritual Commander-in-Chief.
I expected them to help me make sure that my petition reaches the God Almighty for favorable judgment and enforcement.
Both my sisters eventually joined God and were welcomed with open arms in the Gates of Heaven.
While the decision was the cessation of vital activities in this finite world, it also involved the continued implementation of God’s Plan in the Infinite Kingdom.
My father, mother, sisters Herminia and Loreto all died of heart disease in the Philippines. My only brother Jose (Pepe) died in a car accident. Except for my father and Manang Perla, everyone's death was sudden – “All in God’s Plan.”
Yes, we mourn and grieve! But life must go on, thus – accepting with finality God’s decision as Chief Justice of the Supreme Divine Court.
Mila’s only son, Eugene Anthony Maynigo Denton who is, ironically, a scientist expressed it best for all of us,
Tonight my mom peacefully made her way to heaven. Though her illness was sudden, it comforts me to know this is part of God's plan. I surrender to Him.”

I call this the Convergence of Science and Faith personified by my loving nephew, Eugene!

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