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Philippine Presidential Election 2016: History Will Repeat Itself
Cory Aquino was God-sent to challenge a corrupt dictator, to stop the human rights abuses, and to restore freedom and democracy in the Philippines and to its people.

Cheated in a presidential election by the despotic Marcos, Cory was installed by the people as President via a peaceful People Power or EDSA revolution. 

Surviving several coup attempts that tried to destabilize her government, she competently, efficiently, effectively and successfully governed as the country transitioned to a vibrant republican and democratic government.

Initially running the country under a revolutionary Freedom Constitution, she got a commission to draft a constitution that is responsive to the needs, ideals and principles of a true and human democracy.  By overwhelmingly ratifying the 1987 Constitution, the Filipino people reaffirmed their trust and confidence in President Cory Aquino.  Through the voice of the people, the voice of God was heard!
President Cory Aquino and Author

In the first election after the Cory Constitution was ratified, the Filipino people who earlier clamored for her to challenge dictator Marcos, again reaffirmed their full trust on her God-inspired judgment.  In that election, it was Cory’s choice all the way.  The choices of Cory from national to local levels won overwhelmingly.

Then running a representative government under a living and vibrant constitution, she rejected appeals to extend her term.  She preferred to prepare the country for a truly functioning democratic government by electing a new set of national and local officials as mandated by the new constitution.

Cory chose to endorse Fidel Ramos, then Defense Secretary, co-leader in the People Power Revolution, and more importantly, defender of Cory against all coup attempts to topple her government.

Because of Cory’s endorsement, Fidel Ramos won the election against formidable and well-funded opponents.  President Ramos did well as President.  He ran a relatively peaceful country and almost a totally labor-strike free regime. His economic policies were bringing our country to what was described as a baby tiger status.  In fact, some sectors even clamored for an extended term.
Sticking to the mandates of the Cory Constitution, Ramos’ presidency ended.  Cory and the Yellow Brigade remained a political force especially during the Estrada and the Macapagal-Arroyo regimes that brought plunder and corruption in government.

Exposed to another set of evils, the death of Cory revived the people’s yearning for one who embodied Honesty, Humility, Honor, and Hope a la Cory.

This was when a grieving public clamored for Noynoy Aquino to run for President.  He never intended to do so. The people asked him to run, so he ran. They expected him to win, so he did.

History repeating itself just began!  Like his mother, Noynoy heeded the clamor.  He also fought against formidable and well-funded candidates. By virtue of the power vested upon the Filipino people, Noynoy became President Noynoy or PNoy.
Last year, the Philippines had its national and local elections under PNoy’s term.  In a column/blog (http://benmaynigo.blogspot.com/2013/04/philippine-election-2013-history.html), I wrote,

“This time, it will also be PNoy’s Choices. The big difference is that PNoy is backing his choices with achievements, substantial resources, overwhelming organizational advantage, a successful and indisputable anti-corruption “Daang Matuwid” campaign message, and the attainable promise and hope of better things to come not only for local leaders but most especially for their constituents.”

Indeed, it was an overwhelming victory for most of PNoy’s choices – not unlike Cory’s choices during her term.

In 2016, the Filipino people will be electing PNoy’s successor.  Many are already speculating on the people who may run.  Vice President Binay announced that he is forming a new party to prepare for his presidential run. Columnists think that NP might field Senator Alan Cayetano, Senator Bongbong Marcos, or former presidential candidate Villar; Lakas will field Senator Bong Revilla; and LP will field DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.   
PNoy and DILG Sec. Mar Roxas
Among the Vice Presidentiables mentioned were: Vilma Santos, Manny Pangilinan or Senator Jinggoy under Binay; Senator Antonio Trillanes under Cayetano; and Senator Chiz Escudero under Mar Roxas.

In my column/blog (http://benmaynigo.blogspot.com/2013/05/elections-you-win-some-you-lose-some.html in analyzing the 2013 election results I wrote,

The Visayans and the Bicolanos delivered 10 winners for Team PNoy and only 2 UNA. The Mindanao provinces including the Muslims delivered 9-3 while NCR and all the Regions north of it delivered 8 – 4.”
What this means is that the Visayans led by Roxas and Drilon delivered to deserve the 2016 Presidential endorsement and the Senate Presidency, respectively.  It also means that the Bicolanos led by Escudero, Robredo and LP followers delivered to probably deserve and reserve the Vice Presidential seat for their region in 2016.”

In fact, in Capiz, the bailiwick of Roxas, it was 11 winners for Team PNoy and only 1 for UNA.

This explains why the LP/NPC coalition is pushing for a Roxas-Escudero tandem. The latter is a Bicolano.

History will repeat itself!  My prediction is that PNoy’s choice will be the next President of the Philippines.  It would take a whole generation to institute the reforms needed in our society.  Six years is not enough.  The country needs to continue PNoy’s economic achievements, anti-corruption “Daang Matuwid” campaign, the rehabilitation and recovery of disaster areas, judicial, political, electoral, military and other reforms.

The country cannot afford to change direction again and start a new cycle.  PNoy’s GPS (Grand Prosecution of the Sleazy) must proceed speedily without obstruction, stoppage and interruption.  The people want to see the detention and incarceration of a powerful group of politicians who plundered public funds.

For this, it must be his choice.  He has their trust and confidence.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  The future is 2016 and beyond.  PNoy by good governance started creating a bright future.  With a great message (Daang Matuwid) and a platform backed by an efficient and effective Public Relations and Propaganda machine; substantial financial, intellectual, and material resources; a precinct level national political party machinery; and a competent and effective presidential candidate personally anointed by PNoy, this future is being created every minute of the day silently and without fanfare.

History demands it! It happened in the past. It is happening today. It will happen tomorrow!

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