Friday, February 7, 2014

Barbers' Fearless Views and Forecasts

Super Bowl Talks

Bruno Mars had a great and memorable concert on February 2, 2014.

One barber said, "the concert had a Soup or Bowl on the side."

Another barber interjected, "Bruno Mars' concert had the Seattle Seahawks' defense as a front act."

My barber countered, "Bruno Mars is Super Bowl's real MVP.  Dedicating his Grammy-winning song to his FILIPINA MOM, he sang it with gusto as the 55,000 live audience and 100 million TV viewers listened with excitement and admiration."

Bruno Mars made the Filipinos proud!


"Wang Wang" in New Jersey's Christie

According to my barber, the latest revelations that the Office of New Jersey Governor Christie ordered the closure of a bridge to punish the Mayor of a City that did not endorse Christie for Governor sounds a lot like the "Wang Wang" mentality that PNoy of the Philippines is trying to eradicate.

It is the opposite of humility and synonymous to arrogance of power.

It is like the Culture of Impunity that Philippine political warlords have abusively exercised for decades if not centuries in the Philippines.


PNoy and Pinoys on 2016

Majority of the barbers are convinced that whatever the Naysayers and Aquino-haters are hoping or wishing, it would still be PNoy's choice in 2016. According to them, PNoy's Presidential candidate will win and be his successor.

It would be history repeating itself.  Cory's choice (Ramos) succeeded her.  PNoy's choice will also succeed him.

The Philippine economy will continue to grow and improve. PNoy's approval and trust rating will continue to be "very good".  Prosecution of corrupt officials will accelerate this year and the year after. Filipinos cannot risk choosing anyone else other than PNoy's recommendation to ensure that his policies and programs of Honesty, Humility, Honor, and Hope will continue.

Who would be PNoy's choice?  Mar Roxas is not a sure bet.  Depending on his ratings in late 2015, he may or may not be PNoy's choice. Roxas may again be forced to give way to someone who has a better chance of winning.

Roxas has the next two years to make an impact.  If PNoy's choice is Roxas, it should not be hard to credit PNoy's success partly to Roxas if he proves himself during these two years as deserving to be the successor.


Peace in Mindanao

We could finally see some peace in Mindanao.  The agreement with the MILF and the participation of most of the members of MNLF in advocating for greater autonomy for Muslims might really generate peace in Mindanao.  This means justice and prosperity would finally come.

The hope is also the elimination of political warlords and the removal of that Culture of Impunity pervading in that part of the world.

Mindanao would really become the "Land of Promise" that our forefathers envisioned.


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