Sunday, October 13, 2013

PNoy’s GPS: Grand Prosecution of the Sleazy

Benigno C. Aquino, III was elected President overwhelmingly in 2010.  His election was in response to a clamor by the sovereign people looking for a leader that gives them hope.  They want a President that would institute honesty as a policy; lead and run the government with humility; and restore the country’s pride and honor worthy of admiration by the community of nations.

To meet this public trust and confidence, PNoy correspondingly devised the country’s road to righteousness under the banner “Matuwid na Daan” (Straight Path).  Although promoted as a slogan, “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” (no corruption, no poverty), became a serious undertaking to push honesty in government, thus-pursuing an aggressive anti-graft and corruption campaign.

The culture of corruption must go! So must the culture of impunity that generates arrogance and abuse of power.  The removal of the “Wang-Wang” mentality is the foundation of humility so needed in the alleviation of poverty.  Working for the poor is a humbling experience.  Moral integrity is imperative for survival.

PNoy is following a straight path.  Observers, both local and international, think he is on the right track.  His anti-corruption campaign is recognized as a serious undertaking both in words and in deed.


PNoy is following a GPS for this route!  I call it Grand Prosecution of the Sleazy.  PNoy’s boss, the sovereign people, is fed up with the corrupt, dishonest, abusive, sleazy politicians running their government.  So, when the “Furies, Angels, Offensive Line, and Cory Incarnates” started prosecuting the sleazy on a grand scale, the people expressed their approval of PNoy’s moves but made known their anger towards the corrupt and plunderers.

PNoy’s GPS include going after his predecessor, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her cohorts; the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Renato Corona; the first batch of Senators and Congressmen led by former Senate President Juan Enrile; former and current Cabinet Secretaries as well as heads of implementing agencies involved in the pork barrel and Malampaya Fund scams; private individuals like Janet Napoles and company who have conspired with government officials in the malversation and misuse of public funds; another equivalent of Napoles named “Ma’am Arlene” who conspired with some Justices and Judges and whose investigation is underway; tax evaders; smugglers; and many others.

“Follow the evidence!”  A judicial stimulus is a must.  Accelerate the prosecution and administration of justice.

The GPS passes through different routes – Judicial, Legislative, Executive, and private roads as we can see.  Involving highest levels, it is truly a Grand Prosecution of the Sleazy.

It is just the beginning.  More should follow as soon as possible. The people must witness trial and conviction of the culprits.  Detention or imprisonment would show efficiency, effectiveness, and seriousness.  Freezing and refund of funds allegedly stolen or misappropriated by the sleazy would prevent “miscalculation” by the GPS.

Of course, the sleazy will try to divert PNoy and his team.  They will want him to focus on other matters so that his GPS is rerouted, rendering it ineffective, thus – delaying or even giving up reaching his destination.

PNoy’s critics, the naysayers, the “Sexy” and the sleazy will distract and throw “bombshells”.  They will use all legal niceties and the equally corrupt press people in their pockets to offer different views, opinions, and correspondingly, diverting his GPS route.  

PNoy’s boss, the sovereign people would like him to stick with his GPS.  They have his back.  His latest approval rating remained very high since he took office.  He is on the right track!  

Time is limited.  Three and a half years of the scheduled six have passed.  So are the resources.  Both time and resources must be prioritized and accelerated.

More resources should be thrown to accelerating the GPS route.  Increase the budget for DOJ, NBI, and Office of the Ombudsman, COA, and the Judiciary.  Let them increase the man-hours substantially by hiring and/or contracting more incorruptible and smarter legal consultants and prosecutors to cover more ground in shorter periods.  Recruit volunteers among retired lawyers and IBP members from abroad to come to the Philippines on LEGAL MISSIONS not unlike the Medical Missions undertaken by Filipino doctors abroad.

As PNoy relies on the Furies, Angels, Offensive Line, and Cory Incarnates for his GPS, he should not forget his Knights.  

The Knights pursuing the path of Economic Development led by DOF Secretary Cesar Purisima should be recognized and supported.  Their drive to spur economic growth, generate more employment, increase revenues, raise the country’s credit ratings, promote more exports and tourism, accelerate infrastructure, transportation, communications, energy, science and technology development is making our nation the object of admiration and envy by our neighboring countries.

The campaign for poverty alleviation and human development through education and health care; the determination to promote security, justice, and peace; and the adaptation and mitigation to climate change has inspired, motivated, and produced incorruptible Knights to follow “matuwid na daan” (straight path).

The Filipino people overwhelmingly voted for PNoy to do a job.  They have acknowledged good performance so far by electing his Team PNoy in the last elections as well as giving him very good favorable ratings in poll surveys.

Like him, his Knights and the GPS Team, the Filipino people should not get distracted and diverted by his critics and naysayers.  No amount of miraculous, magical, or mind-boggling performances of PNoy would ever convince them.

The 4Hs and more of them Hs

For hope, honesty, humility, and honor, we put PNoy there. Law and by choice has limited his hours as President. Do not be a hindrance to his GPS.  For history, he deserves a helping hand.

Be a HERO!

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