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 In the early ‘70s while attending the United Nations World Youth Assembly in New York as one of the Philippine delegates, I got invited to speak at a conference of Liberation and Revolutionary movements in America. It included among others the Puerto Rican Young Lords, Black Panthers Party, and the Women’s Liberation Movement, which was represented by Gloria Steinem.

I remember telling them about the debate in the Philippines as to who was superior, man or woman. The debate was so never-ending that the debaters had to rely on signs from the God Almighty as to whom God chose as superior.

Before I revealed the signs, I explained that the success of movements or organizations of any nature were based on three factors: One, you must be innovative – you must be able to conceive of new ideas; Two, you must work or labor very hard to implement the new ideas; and Three, you must perform or deliver the desired results.

Three key words: CONCEIVE, LABOR, and DELIVER. Who did God choose to conceive, labor and deliver? Of course, the answer was obvious.

This explains my bias in favor of women. You see the significant role they play at home, in the enterprise, in the community, in church, and, without fanfare, even in government. I was always wondering why the United States never elected a woman President!

So when Hillary Clinton decided to run for President in 2007, I immediately signed up to JOIN TEAM HILLARY! I put money where my mouth is, and sent my financial contribution. I went further, I visited the National Campaign HQ, attended meetings for volunteers, and even arranged for the production of Fortune Cookies predicting luck and fortune for those who join the Hillary campaign (see photo).


Several of these fortune cookies were distributed in some selected primary states.

I also wrote the following email/letter to friends:

Dear Friend,

Hillary Clinton is preparing to run for president. This is a massive undertaking and she needs our help.  

Building an early base of support is critical to any successful presidential campaign, so I'm asking you to sign up as a supporter.

This will be an historic campaign, and I'm hoping that you'll sign up to be a part of it.

I believe that at this point of our history, Hillary Clinton is best for America. She embodies this nation's progressive idealism and motherly conservative traditionalism. With her brains, bravery, beauty and benevolence, she is our best bet to unite the country, reclaim international respect for America and rekindle the American spirit of volunteerism and commitment to the democratic ideals.

She is the hope of the “E” Generation (old and new) – the generation that stands for better and greater involvement in Education, Environment, Economic Development, Empowerment, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Ecumenism, Enlightenment, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Media, Equity Expansion and Excellent Health Care. She offers tremendous experience, empirical knowledge and exposure in state, national and world governance.

Join me, initially by conversing with Hillary, contributing our own ideas, helping to implement them and most importantly, propelling her to the US Presidency.

Under her leadership, we hope and pray that we may cherish America again, as we did yesterday; that we may cherish it tomorrow, as we shall forever.

Thank you,

I recently posted this letter on Facebook as I am again gearing up for a Clinton presidential run.

A Facebook friend, Paul Dominguez, who is now based in Europe but interested in global issues, commented, “This letter, in content and substance, is as good then and as it is now. Added to her CV of being an able Secretary of State- a good lieutenant of President Obama crisscrossing the world stage, meeting with world leaders thus establishing a global perspective needed in this office...there's again a history in the making.. on with the show!”

Indeed, as I listened to her speak at an event supporting the empowerment of women, I am reminded of her historical 1993 speech in China regarding women’s rights and, of course, her leadership in pushing for gender equality in her capacity as Secretary of State.

She said, “When I became Secretary of State, I was determined to weave this perspective into the fabric of American foreign policy, We did put women on the agenda and made it a centerpiece of all that we did.”

She specifically appointed an Ambassador for Women’s rights. Among the published achievements attributed to her as State Secretary include, but are not limited to, promoting:

1.      People to People Diplomacy;
2.      the importance of economics by helping U.S. companies win business overseas - a key pillar of U.S. foreign policy;
3.      the restoration of American Credibility;
4.      Diplomacy is National Security; and
5.      the use of Social Media, most especially Texts in communicating not only internally but with other celebrities.

Electing Obama as the first Black President was historical.  Making Hillary Clinton the first woman President of the United States would be as historical and as eventful!

Are you ready for Hillary?  I am.  Join us!

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