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In 2012, I wrote a total of 84 articles. Of these, 50 were published under my weekly regular column entitled, “Take It From My Barber”, while 34 came under my other weekly technology column, “Tech IT From My Barber”.

All my articles were published by the Asian Journal USA out of San Diego, California both in print and online. The print edition is distributed mostly in Southern California where most of the Filipinos and Asians are located.  The online edition is, of course, available worldwide on the website:

Google BlogSpot also publishes the same articles under my blogs: “Take It From My Barber” (; and “Tech IT From My Barber” ( I chose to publish under Google for the benefit of those who are searching or “googling” any of the topics discussed in my blogs.

I also make them available as My Notes on Facebook originally for the benefit of friends and relatives. But upon request of some friends, I was asked to make them “public” so they can be shared with others. I did.

I do not have an accurate feedback on how my articles are doing re readers of the Asian Journal print and online editions. My friends, relatives, and town mates of Rosales, Pangasinan, Philippines tell me that copies in nearby Seafood City have always run out since my column started. Of course, it could also be because those who do not like my column make sure that the paper is not made available to others. This happened a lot during the Marcos Martial Law years.

Regardless, it was still flattering to know that many always look forward to reading my column if “available”.

There is a way of obtaining feedback on Facebook via the “Likes”, “Mentions”, “Comments” and Messages.. The feedback is still inaccurate because there is no indication as to how many of your friends or users have actually read or browsed your article.

The Google BlogSpot presents a different story. It gives me the number of those who actually read my posts. So , after checking my posts, it was interesting to note that quite a number actually read my columns.

For 2012, here are the most widely read of my articles:

1. Propaganda Movement in the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries,  (7/13/12)
2, Corona’ Revised Story: D in D, D to D, and D of D                 (2/23/12)
3. Product Reviews                                                                      (2/13/12)
4. Miriam Santiago: Impeachment’s Aleng GAGA                      (5/13/12)
5, Tech Tools vs. Poverty                                                            (7/13/12)
6. Corona: The $10-Million Man                                                 (5/3/12)
7. Charina Corona: No Dummy, Dummy or Both                        (3/30/12)
8. AURA: CJ Corona Impeachment Trial                                     (2/28/12)
9. Battle Against Poverty I                                                           (6/12/12)
10. Enrile: Martial Law and Truth                                               (10/17/12)
11. Mr. Palengke in DILG                                                            (8/29/12)
12. IT in Government                                                                   (4/4/12)
13. Battle Against Poverty (Final)                                                  (7/4/12)
14. Olympic Memories in GB: GB, GB, GB, GB, GB & GB           (8/8/12)
15. Corona as Interpreter of Law                                                   (5/31/12)
16. SALN Laws: Mala Prohibita                                                    (4/20/12)
17. Battle Against Poverty II                                                          (6/14/12)
18. Analysis: Romney’s Target Electorate                                       (9/26/12)
19. Right To Cover Your Ears                                                        (3/6/12)
20. Holy Week To Remember                                                         (4/8/12)

In 2011, the TOP 20 were the following:

1.  P-Noy, POGI, Pinoys                                                              (9/20/11)
2.  Conrado F. Estrella: Hero and Pride of Rosales, Pangasinan    (6/1/11)
3.  Heroes Ilocanos Can Be Proud Of                                           (5/31/11)
4.  Marcos Fake Medals Redux II                                                 (5/3/11)
5.  Marcos Fake Medals Redux IV                                                (5/16/11)
6.  Letter to President Noynoy Aquino                                          (6/8/11)
7.  Land of Bondage, Land of the Free, Land of No Bail Bond      (11/30/11)
8.  Is Marcos a Hero?                                                                     (5/20/11)
9.  Marcos Fake Medals Redux I                                                    (4/27/11)
10.Marcos Fake Medals Redux III                                                  (5/10/11)
11 Marcos: To Be or Not To Be @LNMB II                                   (4/22/11)
12 Honoring Manang Ruth and Manang Loreto                             (7/13/11)
13.Marcos: To Be or Not To Be @LNMB                                       (4/15/11)
14 Letter to VP Binay on Marcos Burial at LNMB                           (4/24/11)
15.Gift of Time, Gift of Family                                                       (7/20/11)
16.Lucky 9, Cloud 9, Love Potion Number 9                                  (10/13/11)
17 Maria Mabilangan Haley: Model in the Strictest Sense                 (9/14/11)
18.Consumer Electronics 2011                                                         (1/5/11)
19.GBU:  Goal to Have a Good GOAL                                             (9/9/11)
20.Sana, SONA, South China, Saan Na                                          (9/27/11)

I wrote a series of articles on several topics that I felt were of interest to my readers. In 2012, the specific topics were: Corona Impeachment Trial; Battle Against Poverty; London Olympics; U.S. Presidential Elections; PNoy and his Administration, and Consumer Electronic Products that I called “Little Miracles”.

As gleaned from the TOP 20 of 2012, although my article on the Propaganda Movement: 19th, 20th, & 21st Centuries topped the list, many from the series made it to the top. Notable were the Corona articles, the Anti-Poverty Series, and the Consumer Technology write-ups.

Similarly, in 2011 I also wrote a series of articles that I felt dominated the minds of prospective readers. I was right because many of them made it to the TOP 20. The article on PNoy, POGI, and Pinoys was Number One while my tribute to my town mate Conrado F. Estrella was Number Two, but you can see that the topic on Marcos as a fake hero with his fake medals dominated the readers’ interest. This was preceded by the discussion and corresponding interest on whether Marcos should be buried as a hero at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani.

As I reviewed them, I thought that as we enter the New Year, those who missed reading any or some of the articles, may want to join the other readers who either got informed, educated or even entertained by accessing the articles.

By typing or copying and pasting the titles of the articles on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you should be able access them either from Asian Journal USA website or the Google Blog.

During the holidays, I was able to participate in lively discussions of certain popular cable shows with the younger generation. These shows included Newsroom, Game of the Thrones, Boardwalk, Homeland, Treme, Revolution, and Dexter.

My secret? I caught up by watching all the episodes of all of the seasons of all the shows.  For one show, it took me all night and part of the day!

Things we do to be “IN”, “COOL”, or even “HOT”!  :)


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