Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PNoy’s Planning, Programming, Preparation = PPPP = PPPP

A few months ago, my wife and I joined a bus trip to Atlantic City sponsored by the Philippine American Bar Association (PABA). Also in the trip were Filipino American community leaders in the Washington, D.C. area.

It was a fun, joyful and in fact, educational trip. On our way back home, we had a very fruitful discussion on Philippine socio-economic and political issues. Almost unanimous was a very optimistic view of the PNoy Administration. Many were aware of my column and obviously knew where I was coming from.

A lawyer who has been going back and forth to the Philippines asked me about PNoy’s successor – concerned about the continuity of the latter’s “matuwid na daan” or “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” program.

I explained that it would take a whole generation to institute social changes or individual attitudes especially in an environment where the culture of corruption and impunity successfully thrive. PNoy started it firmly by seriously fighting corruption and aggressively trying to remove that “Wang Wang” mentality.

This is why I endorsed the Aquino-Roxas ticket. Six years of Aquino would not be enough. Six years of Roxas and another one for the same period of the same mold or party would also be necessary.

Since Roxas did not win as PNoy’s Vice-President (pending protest), who would succeed the latter?

My answer to the lawyer’s original question was, “It would be PNoy’s Choice. If he continues to bat for Roxas, then, it would be Roxas. If he chooses someone else, then the next President would be that person.”

Then, my compañero asked, “Who would that other person be?”


I said, “Many things could happen in four years but based on his background, reputation and actual performance so far, I am betting on Secretary Jesse Robredo.”

Like PNoy, Robredo represented HONESTY in government. Like PNoy, he displayed HUMILITY both in public and private dealings. Like PNoy, he inspired HOPE for the people’s aspirations. Like PNoy, he brought HONOR to his family, his hometown, and his country.

Moving from a successful private sector executive career to a multi-award winning city executive, he showed and proved that good governance would be more efficient, effective, and better appreciated if done with people power and public-private participation.

Sadly, Secretary Jesse Robredo is no longer with us. Our condolences along with our prayers go to his family as he enters the gates of heaven. His memories, hopes, and dreams will remain with us – in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our actions.

As my mother would say, “Things happen for a reason. They are all in GOD’s plan.”


The death of Secretary Robredo and the impeachment of CJ Corona present PNoy with some personnel decisions that would affect not only his Presidency, the future of his party but, most especially, the path to a progressive and prosperous Philippines.


Based on the short list submitted to him by the Judicial and Bar Council, it looks like his choice as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would be one of the Associate Justices. Not comfortable with Acting CJ Carpio who is very qualified, I expect PNoy to appoint Associate Justice Sereno.

Justice Sereno was his first appointee to the court. He chose a woman (Justice Morales) to administer his Presidential oath of office. Justice Sereno’s  appointment would be historical because she would be the first woman Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. She is a woman of integrity and has a very clean record. Like PNoy, she embodies honesty, humility, hope and honor.  She could work with Justice Carpio and the other Justices. Of course, the new Associate Justice to be appointed would do the same.

Like those of de Lima (Justice), Morales (Ombudsman), Henares (BIR), Castro (SEC), Delis (Peace), Soliman (Social Welfare) and the other women in his team, the impact of Sereno’s appointment by PNoy would be for generations.

Who would replace Robredo as Secretary of DILG? Right now, he designated Executive Secretary Ochoa as Acting Secretary. Senator Lacson, who is no longer qualified to run for another term, seems to be interested.

This is where PNoy’s Planning, Programming, and Preparation (PPPP) come into play. If PNoy wants Roxas to be the next President, he might decide to permanently put the latter at DILG. For the next few months, Roxas would have direct exposure, administration, and supervision over all the local officials up to the Barangay level.

Working with the Liberal Party apparatus and Budget Secretary Abad, Roxas would be able to know and recruit local candidates who share the same values as the Aquino-Roxas –New LP tandem in the coming elections and in the next Presidential elections.


The efficient and effective use of Personnel, People Power and the Party in Preparing and Programming PNoy’s Plans should be geared towards the Path to a Progressive and Prosperous Philippines. This would take more than one term. There is a need for continuity. Otherwise, we go back to the same vicious and unacceptable cycle.

This is my personal view as a private citizen. I am expressing them because I care about our country. I have no ties with PNoy or the Liberal Party.

But I am very hopeful that if some politicos do not mess it up, we should be on our way to prosperity and to being a poverty-free country.

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