Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“Miracles” in the Sin City (Final)

In political terms, we are called citizens; in economic terms, consumers; socially, friends, fans, or followers; and in scientific and religious terms, creatures formed either by evolution and/or by the hand of an Infinite Supreme Being.  Commonly, we are the sovereign people endowed with certain inalienable rights and powers that define us as political, economic, social, and scientific/religious beings.

With the help of my barber, I have endeavored to describe and analyze the issues and interests affecting our species based on experience, exposure, examples and exhibits. My series on the CES 2012 is one such demonstration focusing on us being consumers.

While the interest has been mainly on smartphones and tablets, the fact is, there are other new products that attracted the attention of the consumers.


In the “Last Gadget Standing”, one of the 10 finalists was the Origami power-folding stroller.  I took a video of it being demoed and showed it to some selected parents later.  Just hit a button and it “collapses in just a few seconds time, making it compact enough to slip into most trunks and other storage areas.”

There is a sensor built into the seat that detects the presence of your baby and preventing him from being squashed. It also sports an LCD screen which displays mileage walked. During the night, lights are provided. The wheel system is also regenerative that powers its electronics functionalities including the recharging of your cell phone.  Targeted consumers such as the Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas should love it!

The actual winner in the contest was the Lytro Camera. It is a revolutionary camera that allows users to “Shoot now, focus later.” What it means is that photographers can actually set focus after taking the photo.

It has an 8x optical touch screen zoom lens with no auto focus, no shutter-lad, no modes, flash, dials, and settings. It is supposed to make “shooting ten times easier than what even the best digital cameras can do.”

Take the picture of a whole group and decide who to focus later on depending on the person you are tagging or describing.


I also witnessed the demonstration of the 10 Best Mobile Apps. The winner was MAGISTO that I already installed in my iPad 2.  It automatically turns plain videos to beautifully edited and produced Movies. Just create videos, submit them to MAGISTO and the app will take care of editing and producing it.


Walking around just to satisfy my curiosity at CES, I could see that the show and exhibit was not just about laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. It was and is about technologies that affect our daily lives.

In the Go Electric Drive Tech Zone, electric cars were clearly displayed. I entered the raffle to win one of them but have not gotten a notice yet. Solar power devices were also on display.

The Safe Driver Tech Zone had products that promote new technologies to ensure safer driving while the Sustainable Planet Tech Zone featured innovators promoting products that lessen energy consumption and a clean and green environment.

The Sports and Fitness Tech Zone had apps products that dealt with health and fitness – eating right, losing weight, and monitoring/measuring to prevent disease.  Substantial efforts were made to produce products that would shrink healthcare costs.

The Higher ED Tech Zone featured apps, games, and devices that enhance the education of children and adults.

There were other zones and thousands of exhibitors but because of time and human limitations, I could not visit them all.

But for those that I visited and explored, I could not help but conclude the existence and display of mind-boggling technologies with the highest level of innovation.

In my Philosophy class I learned an Scholastic dictum, which said, “There is nothing in the intellect that is not first in the senses.” Knowledge is in the intellect. But it always passes through any or all of the senses.

The interconnectivity and interfacing of all digital devices such as desktops, laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, tablets, eBook readers, smartphones, digital TVs, digital game players, digital music/audio/video players plus apps make all of them interchangeable multimedia gadgets in a wireless or wired networked environment.

The trend is to fully satisfy the intellect and the senses. Be it searching for knowledge and wisdom; fun and entertainment; better communications; and peace, tranquility, and security, the capabilities of these devices could now converge digitally whether online or offline globally or locally.

That is why we will soon see multimedia devices wherein to read, write, compute, sketch, design, watch, listen, and play individually, independently and interactively, you can either TYPE it, MOUSE it, TOUCH it, SAY it, and amazingly, GESTURE, SIGNAL or even EYE (eye moves the screen) it!

In conclusion, I was indeed witness to some “Miracles” in the Sin City.

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