Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: Lettered Words of Wisdom, Numbers Tell The Stories

MaliGALLANG Pasko at MAyNIGOng Bagong Taon!
(Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!)

GALLANG is my mother’s last name. My barber says that according to a customer of his, in some Spanish-speaking countries “LL” is pronounced as “Y”, hence Gal Lang is GaYang. MaliGAYANG Pasko means Merry or Joyful Christmas.

MAyNIGOng Bagong Taon means Prosperous New Year. My middle and last names therefore mean a combination of Joy and Prosperity.  My baptismal certificate indicates Benjamin Jesus having been born almost on Christmas day.  Devout Catholic and followers of the Divine Word, there is no surprise to naming me after a couple of biblical characters.

2011 started (“Consumer Electronics 2011”, January 5, 2011) and ended (“‘Miracles’ In The Sin City”, December 21, 2011) in Las Vegas for my barber, Asian Journal USA, our readers, and me. The Sin City is the yearly site of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Despite being dubbed as the city for “sinners”, CES has neutralized it because of the little “miracles” that are revealed during the show.

These miracles come in the form of virtually unbelievable and seemingly impossible technologies and gadgets that could have been created with the support of the “holy spirit” who possesses infinite wisdom. The consumers, with faith and love, receive these amazing products of innovation fully aware that they are tools that affect their daily lives – be they profession, occupation, education, vocation, business or lifestyle.

Publishing is about imparting and reporting facts, data, information, and knowledge. It is also about analysis, personal and public opinions. Depending on how the readers receive, perceive and conceive them, they could be viewed as “words of wisdom” or cries from a biased ignoramus.

For better appreciation of our column, we always try to present the 5 Ws and 1 H – Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. And to get the readers’ attention and easier retention of the info, knowledge or “wisdom” being imparted, we introduced the “lettered words of wisdom.”

As Filipino Americans we showed interest on anything significant involving the Philippines and the United States.

We came up with, “D.C. of D.C. in D.C. on D.C. is D.C.” Debate and Confrontation of Dysfunctional Congress in District of Columbia on Debt Ceiling is Disturbingly Critical.

Then, “Debt Deal Done Despite Differences and Difficult Decision.” It was followed immediately thereafter with, “Balancing the Budget, Balancing the Books, Balance Sheet.” Earlier, our involvement was in “Tackling the Deficit and Joining the Tax Debate.”

We had to opine on “Walker vs. Workers in Wisconsin”, and showed our concern by “Watching Wronged Women Win Worldwide.”

On the Philippine situation we discussed the “Old 4Gs to New 4Gs Gaining Ground”. Old Gs refer to Guns, Gold, Goons and Girls while the new Gs refer to God’s Gift of Good Government.

“PNoy: 4H and the E-Gen” was written to establish the foundation for our support of President Noynoy Aquino. 4H refers to Hope, Honesty, Humility and Honor. The E-Gen refers to Education, Economic growth (employment, entrepreneurship, equity expansion), Electronic media or communications, Environment, Empowerment, Enlightenment, Energy Independence, Excellent Health Care, Electoral Reforms and Effective Security Force.

“PNoy, POGI, Pinoys” was written to discuss the President’s participation in Open Government Partnership promoting transparency and accountability. POGI is People’s Open Government Initiative). 

The people’s participation in industrialization, investments, infrastructure development and innovation as well as encouraging the increase in tourism, trade, technology transfer and targeted training was the focus in “Ps, Is, Ts”.

Sana, SONA, South China, Saan Na” and “B (Bully, Bribery, Bilateral Pacts, Bodyguard) S (Spratlys, Sino Saber-rattling, Sling Shot, Sea Law)” were our ways of getting engaged in other Philippine issues.


The “Planet of the Apps”; “Pacquiao Fights 2 Battles - Wins Both By Majority Decision”; “Lucky 9, Cloud 9, Love Potion Number 9”; “Miracles in the Sin City”; and “SPORTS: Seeking a Solomonic Solution; Shaping and Sharing Social Responsibility” dealt with figures, and the numbers told the stories.


2011 did not stop us from getting involved in controversial issues of historical importance. We wrote a series on “Marcos: To Be or Not To Be At LMNB”; and “Marcos: Fake Medals Redux” Parts I – IV. “Is Marcos a Hero” quoted the reactions and comments of readers on the said series.


We published our Letters to both Vice President Binay and President Aquino expressing and justifying our objections to the burial of Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.


There were sad and joyful moments as well as challenging and enlightening ones. My barber, Asian Journal USA, and I made sure that our readers did not miss them and our feelings were expressed accordingly.


We paid tribute to the late “Conrado F. Estrella: A Hero and Pride of Rosales, Pangasinan” and “Maria Mabilangan Haley: Model In The Strictest Sense.”


The article on our family reunion, “Gift of Time, Gift of Family” was joyful while  “Life as a “Journey: Joy, Justice, Job, Jefferson, Jesus, and other Js” as well as “Easter: Reconciliation, Resurrection, Rebirth, Renewal” were efforts to enlighten.


The value of new technologies and gadgets were described as we faced certain fortuitous events in “Acts of God vs. Government, Governed, Geeks, Gadgets, Google, GoodReader.”


Writing a column indeed, is not just reporting about and enjoying the present, reflecting and learning from the past, but it is also about facing the challenges of and “Winning the Future”.


2011 was the year that was!




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