Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Options for the Clinton Trinity

Former President Bill Clinton left the White House 10 years ago. The Clinton Foundation, which is more known for its Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), also just celebrated its 10 Year anniversary.

Clinton’s 8-year Presidency produced the following notable achievements:

1.    Longest economic expansion in American history (115 mos.);
2.    More than 22 million new jobs created in 8 years;
3.    Highest homeownership in American history (67.7 %);
4.    Lowest unemployment rate (4.0%) – lowest for African Americans, Hispanics and for women in 40 years;
5.    Lowest crime rate in 26 years;
6.    Connected 95% of the schools to the Internet;
7.    Smallest welfare rolls in 32 years;
8.    Lowest poverty rate in 20 years;
9.    Converted the largest deficit to the largest surplus;
10.  Lowest Federal Income Tax burden in 35 years;
11. Lowest Federal spending in three decades;
12.  Higher income at all levels.
The Clinton Trinity (Photo by Getty's)

In a letter to me and most likely to many more Clinton supporters, Chelsea had this to say about the Clinton Foundation:

“Since the first meeting in 2005, members have made more than 2,000 commitments, which have already improved the lives of 300 million people in more than 180 countries.
That same commitment to meaningful and sustainable results can be seen in the remarkable work of the Clinton Foundation over the past decade -- transforming lives by giving people across the globe the tools they need to create better lives for themselves and their communities:
-- 4 million people in 70 countries are benefiting from lifesaving HIV/AIDS treatments at reduced prices;
-- 26,000 entrepreneurs, small business owners, and smallholder farmers are improving their families' livelihoods and their communities;
-- 30 million kids in the United States and Latin America are receiving more nutritious meals in schools; and
-- 4.5 million trees have been planted in Malawi and Rwanda, benefiting over 8,000 farmers.”

Chelsea ended her letter with the following exhortation:

“Please send your thoughts about where the Clinton Foundation should go in the future -- and please let my father know that we'll stand with him as he continues his work around the world.”

In response, I sent the following thoughts:

“The Clinton Foundation should also focus on domestic issues. A Clinton Domestic Initiative (CDI) targeting the E-Generation dearly loved by the Clinton Trinity (Bill, Hillary and Chelsea) should be pursued.

By E-Generation I mean the following E’s:

1. Empowerment
2. Environment
3. Economic growth (Employment, Entrepreneurship, Equity Expansion)
4. Education
5. Electronic Media and Communications
6. Energy Independence
7. Electoral Reforms
8. Enlightenment
9. Excellent Healthcare
10.Effective Security Force

I propose that a division within CGI called Clinton Domestic Initiative (CDI) be created to deal with the above issues in the U.S.

Hillary should be tapped to head the new division after her tenure as Secretary of State. If she heeds the clamor to be President Obama's VP or even be his replacement, then Chelsea will head it.  A Public-Private Partnership would then be created to pursue and fight for the E-Gen.

Regardless, the world and the U.S. would be ready to have the first female President of the United States by 2016. :)”

The Clinton Trinity is the most popular political family in the United States today. Bill is the most loved living Past President while Hillary has become more popular than President Obama. With President Obama’s low approval rating of 40% compared to Hillary’s 65%, no wonder many leading Democrats are now talking about pushing Hillary to replace Biden as the VP candidate or even to challenge Obama if it becomes necessary.

The Democrats cannot allow a Conservative Republican President held captive by the Tea Party to control America.

I supported Hillary during the Democratic Presidential primaries. The Party did not live up to its name by the way it chose its Presidential candidate. In a democratic process, the candidate who gets most of the people’s votes gets chosen. Right?

Wrong. Hillary Clinton obtained 18,223,120 votes while Obama got 18,011,877. The “super delegates” pushed Obama over the top after neither of them received enough delegates from state primary races and caucuses.

Many Hillary supporters are now saying, “I told you so.” Many Obama supporters are now willing to make amends or do a “correction”.

For 2012, Obama is in trouble. He may need the Clinton Trinity to help drag him to the finish line.

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