Sunday, January 16, 2011


I always believed, and I even wrote about this,  that it would take a magic wand or a miracle to make a major change in one's political, economic and social life both in style and substance, I also said that the closest thing to magic and miracle would be what I called "mind-boggling technologies."

This is why I like attending conventions, shows and exhibits like the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is to witness the new products, technologies and discoveries that will affect people's lives being demonstrated and exhibited. They are as I described, "little miracles" on earth.
Counted as one of the 140,000 industry professionals attending and living witnesses to these "little miracles", I was indeed lucky to  be able to take advantage of this opportunity annually for many years. Only a stroke that paralyzed half of my body and the retirement of Bill Gates somehow de-motivated me from attending. Having recovered and now following the works of Apple's Steve Jobs and Google's Eric Schmidt in the technology fields, I am back going to these conferences of “miracle workers”.

I will be writing more about these “little miracles” in the immediate future but I would like to focus first on something that brought me blessing and luck. The Lord’s Prayer says, “Give us this day our daily bread.” I only prayed for a little bread but instead, from  a classmate Elvie and her husband Jun Sicam, a town mate (Herman Caoile and spouse), relatives (George, Raul & Consuelo Gorospe & spouses/sweethearts) and business associates, I was offered ALL YOU CAN EAT (Japanese, Filipino, and American – Prime Rib Steak, Pork Ribs, Seafood, Vegetables, Fruits) at different times daily. How LUCKY could one get?

“Lead us not into temptation” is also from the Lord’s Prayer. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and also famous for being a “sin city”. None believe me, not one even dared to “lead me into temptation.” The closest thing to what could be described as biblical sin or succumbing to temptation is my eating “apples” ala Adam and bananas ala Eva prior to the major meals of which I partook  as little as I could, relatively speaking.

As I wrote in my FB status update while in Las Vegas, I was stranded because my flight was cancelled due to the snow storm in the East Coast.  A friend on Facebook described it as a “blessing in disguise” and I “should not come back to this frigid place”. Many Facebook friends advised me to make the most of it and enjoy. Of course, one made sure that I should go to the gym regularly, another reminded me of the food that I should avoid, also one warned me of gaining weight, and most importantly, “bring home winnings”.

I have always considered myself the luckiest man on earth having married a very beautiful, loving, very smart and the nicest woman on this planet. I have also been gifted with great loving children who always shower me with nice and useful presents during Father’s Day and on my birthday. Coupled with great loving friends and relatives everywhere, I am what you would call “LUCKY IN LOVE”.

Making the most of it, I really did. When in Las Vegas, entertainment also means playing the cards or other forms of gambling. I decided to try my luck also in this field. So I went around the casino tables and stopped at one table playing the 3-Card Poker. To win against the dealer, you play your 3 cards against those of the dealer. To play for the bonus which includes the jackpot amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, you use your 3 cards and the 2 cards on the table. To win the total jackpot, you must have a Royal Straight Flush. To win 10% you must have a Straight Flush.
I observed first, studying the odds and the 3 players on the table; a Chinese and 2 Mexican Americans. As I watched, I noticed that the Mexican had  a Full House and won  $300 in one deal. Then, a couple of deals later, the Chinese also had a Full House and won $300. So I thought that this table was a lucky table for players.  I decided to sit down and play. After a few deals netting me over a hundred dollars, the “LUCK BEYOND LOVE” finally came. First, I got 4, 7 & 8 of the same suit as my 3 cards which means a Flush and based on the odds was already a winner. Then the 2 cards were shown on the table – 5 & 6 also of the same suit as my 4, 7 & 8. It was a Straight Flush.  Then there was shouting and cheering not just in our table but also in the neighboring tables. The winnings, after tipping the dealer who looked Ilocano and the other 3 players, was not much but certainly enough to pay for all the expenses incurred during my trip including my extended stay and for watching the Terry Fator (America’s Got Talent Champion) Show, for me to buy some of the “miracle devices” and partly pay off my credit cards.  There was a little red tape. I had to sign some IRS forms, I was given a W2-G doc for the withholding (25%), an Official Winner Certificate and an invitation to the Annual 3-Card Poker Championship this coming spring with 3 nights comp.

Do you think my luck stopped there? First, I found out that my wife’s stocks of MGM which owned Circus, Circus Hotel where I stayed and The Mirage where I saw the Terry Fator Show, was up significantly since she purchased them . Second, despite my willingness to pay for more leg room, I was given by Jet Blue 1st row seats (longest leg room) without additional fee on my way back to Washington, D.C.

As somebody said, “You may not get everything that you want. But sometimes, it is preferred that you get what you need.”

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